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About Me

My name is Janis Konons, and I am a wedding photographer. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands, but I am really happy that God gave me an opportunity to be a photographer. As I always say and truly believe – there IS an ideal wedding photo, – like a whole warm summer filled in one small bottle of dandelion wine. I know that we all are just mortals, but I will die trying to capture that one perfect photo – a miracle and absolute love in one piece.

Sometimes you look deeply into the eyes of your love, sometimes you laugh, sing dance and kiss like nobody is watching, but sometimes you just close your eyes and enjoy the moment. And often you just forget that I am there at your wedding – patiently waiting for those moments, emotions and memories from the happiest day of your life. I love to capture weddings, as it is – pure and organic. Light, sense of humor and different angles are my best friends. You do not have to be professional model posing for Bride&Groom magazine, you only have to choose a photographer that you trust.

As Dennis Orchard said: “With a name like Konons I can’t imagine you shooting with Nikon”. And it is true – I am 100% a Canon guy, equipped with best PRO gear that Canon can offer, with no compromise. But anyway – razor sharpness and ultra crisp images are not my goals – sense of a true romance and a little part of myself left in every image that I take – that’s what I love in photography.

I love to learn as well – whether it is a workshop, master-class or just a great inspiration. I am very thankful to David Beckstead (David was named “The Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine), Dennis Orchard, Emin Kuliyev and Janis Ratnieks. I learned a great deal from them and they are truly the best.

I am very grateful to every wonderful person that I have met and will meet on my way of being a wedding photographer. Thank You! It’s always fun and I love my job even more with every wedding.

See You @ your “Happy day”!

Janis Konons

Contact Details

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Ulmaņa gatve 86F

+371 26551444

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Q: Could you please describe your style?
A: First of all – I am an artist, and my camera just helps me to express my self and my ideas. My Family, Mother Nature, Music and all those “romantic sunset” things inspire me largely and create my personal style – as I call it – Modern Romantic. My goal as a wedding photographer is to take pictures in a way that you have never seen before.

Q: How long have you been photographing weddings?
A: As a professional photographer I photographed my first wedding back in 2005. And now – more than 130 weddings are in my pocket.

Q: How many photos will we get?
A: I think it’s better to get 10 “mind-blowing” pictures, which will leave you breathless, than 100 “just fine” ones. But on average, I like to present to my clients around 500 – 800 photos. Of course, all images are beautifully retouched in post-production.

Q: In our wedding’s day schedule, do we have to include some time for a photography session?
A: It’s not mandatory, but it would be great if you do so. It will give us more opportunities to get unusual and creative pictures. And for you it would be a great opportunity to take a little break during this eventful day.

Q: Do you have a backup camera?
A: Yes, I use two cameras during the wedding shoot as well as a back up camera.

Q: Are you available for destination wedding?
A: I love to travel almost as much as I love doing photography, and I’ll definitely be available for the destination wedding. In the past, I have documented weddings in France, Germany, USA as well as in other countries.

Q: How do we hire you?
A: I like to meet with my clients first and to get to know them a little. Every wedding is very special and unique – that’s a very important concept in wedding photography. My experience shows – meeting in person is the best way to discuss all the important details – your wishes and your wedding specifics. The wedding date is booked when we have signed an agreement and negotiated retaining fee amount.

Thank you!